Our company has successfully passed six times the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), an international recognized program, designed to assess the operations management and control system of an airline, also the industry’s most rigorous auditing system. We are members of IATA – International Air Transport Association since 2003 and a Community Carrier complying with EASA Regulations – European Aviation Safety Agency.

All Crews are EASA Licensed, trained and examined according to the highest standards through partner organizations: Lufthansa Flight Training and Aviation Academy Austria. They have an average flight crew experience of 6500 flight hours for captains and 4500 hours for first officers.

The entire process of operations, from scheduling to planning and flight watch, is optimized by the use of world’s leading software solutions for the airline industry, which offers an Integrated Operations Control Center Platform specially customized for our operations pattern.

This program also offers a better control, suggesting solutions in situations when irregularities occur and substantially reduces the possibility of human error in communication by providing real time information to the departments involved.

Maintenance is guaranteed through experienced technicians accompanying aircrafts all along the journeys, the entire process being managed through AMOS (the Swiss made “Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System”), a fully integrated maintenance management software able to manage the complex maintenance, engineering and logistic requirements of any modern airline. Initially designed by Swiss engineers for internal purposes, AMOS is today marketed on an international level, being currently used by approximately 60 airlines/MRO providers worldwide. With its eight closely interrelated modules administered in one relational database, AMOS covers the maintenance/ engineering/ logistic requirements of any airline, regardless of its size, being in line with all standards and safety regulations of manufacturers and civil aviation authorities.

Using the PPS FLIGHT PLANNING system for optimizing airplane routes and speeds, reducing fuel consumption and maximizing payloads, both dispatchers and pilots are helped to evaluate all the external factors that affect flight plans and quickly react to changing weather conditions, new route restrictions or unexpected airport closures thus being provided with the tool for calculating the optimum operational flight plans (OFP).

The FLIGHT DATA MONITORING (FDM) tool that provides Insight analysis and Insight animation helps us to increase the level of safety by improving efficiency of operations. It also constitutes a support to the aircraft maintenance process (activities mainly related to the system’s troubleshooting).

The extensive experience on the air transportation market, operating fully serviced regular flights in both Eastern and Western Europe, besides a significant number of charter flights, gave us the possibility to anticipate the needs of a tour organizer as well as those of a traveler, being thus able to build up, day by day, a unique package of air transport solutions.