Health requirements

Health requirements
For your own safety, if you suffer from any acute illness or chronic disease (cardiac problems, epilepsy, diabetics, TBC, any contagious and communicable disease, oxygen need or other chronic diseases requiring medication or any medical condition that could become aggravated during or because of the flight), we strongly recommend you to inform us at the time of reservation so that we can take proper care of your needs.
As Carpatair is an IATA member carrier, according to IATA regulations Carpatair and its passengers must comply with IATA resolution 700 which states that passengers with acute or chronic disease or passenger with underlying health problems that are looked after by a physician/doctor must receive medical clearance before traveling by air.

In order to offer the possibility to travel by air to any incapacitated person there is the need to standardize the conditions for travel of such persons so as to facilitate their acceptance, handling and carriage on any Carpatair flight providing confirmation of one of the following services:

  • WCHR – Wheelchair Ramp – passenger can ascend/descend steps and make own way to/from cabin but requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft, across ramp.
  • WCHS – Wheelchair Steps – passenger cannot ascend/descend steps, but is able to make own way to/ from cabin seat; requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft, across ramp
  • WCHC – Wheelchair Cabin – passenger completely immobile; requires wheelchair to/from aircraft and must be carried up/down steps and to/from cabin seat.
Stretcher Passengers or passengers with complex Medical Cases are asked to seek acceptance for transportation with special medical transporters that services.
Such passengers shall be subject to prior medical clearance for air travel by the medical departments/advisors of Carpatair, on the basis of information in respect of their physical and/or mental condition, obtained by Carpatair in contact with the passenger through its medical department/advisor directly or through a licensed physician familiar with the condition of the passenger. In order to obtain such clearance, medical information must be provided and transmitted when seats are requested on the flight. Passengers are required to ask their physician/doctor to fill in The Information Sheet for Passengers Requiring offer such Special Assistance – IATA 700. The document must bear the signature and the seal of the physician/doctor.

The IATA resolution 700 is available for DOWNLOAD here.


  • The carrier shall not be liable when the injury/damage to the passenger was caused by the passenger’s health condition.
  • The carrier can deny boarding and transportation for passengers needing medical clearance on grounds related to their health in case the aviation physician consulted by the airline, after having analyzed the details indicated by the passenger physician/doctor in “The Information Sheet for Passengers Requiring Special Assistance – IATA 700”, considers that travel by air would put the passenger’s health in hazard.
  • The carrier can deny boarding and transportation for passengers needing medical clearance if they fail to send “The Information Sheet for Passengers Requiring Special Assistance – IATA 700” with at least one day prior to departure date written on the ticket or if the seal or signature of the physician/doctor is missing.

Thank you for your understanding.